This privacy statement is to explain you about Yahoo Email Support’s privacy practices and information in ways via which information is composed of Yahoo customer support phone number. We never share information related to any individual outside our company. Our technical support organization uses SSL for information, protection, and privacy as you submit the payment.

When we gather personal information

We collect the personal information of users which we submit to Yahoo Email Support phone number. The means through which we collect the information are fax, Email or phone.

Yahoo Email Customer Support collects personal information in below-mentioned cases:

  • You participate in surveys and evaluations
  • Your first and last name
  • You make any purchase
  • You request any support from our services
  • Using your personal information
  • Your phone number
  • Types of personal information collected
  • Your Email address
  • You request information or materials
  • You take part in contests, giveaways, and promotions
  • Your company’s name

When Yahoo Email Customer support Number uses your information?

  1. To send you surveys
  2. Answer your questions
  3. Register your services
  4. Fulfill, process and follow-up on your order
  5. Send you information
  6. Create and maintain your account
  7. Register you in programs


* * You can choose when you wish to go out from our system, or you can reach us to delete your complete information from our listings.

We also use this information to give you the information related to your products and services you purchased from us, this will help us to give better service and help you in providing better and enhanced service.